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What if your social media brand & website worked FOR you?
A Case Study: Outdated Fishing Website
By outsourcing the tedious and time consuming bottleneck of social media management, you are unchained from the tether of constantly worrying about your social media standing.  Put our team to work doing this for your business so you can get back to doing what you are in business for!

Results are Noticed Right Away

"I never realized how much time I was spending trying to manage this as a business owner myself! A huge thanks to Capt Rex and his team!" 
Capt. Augie Wampler, Predator Sportfishing, Islamorada, FL - Bud N' Mary's Marina
We Build, Optimize, Manage Your Social Media
Why Use Us & What is a Webmaster?
You have heard of this term before, but just what does a webmaster do? here is a behind the scenes explanation of typical webmaster services usually somewhat hidden from public view.
Behind the successful running of websites are experts who do maintenance tasks and other essential roles. A general term that would refer to these specialists is a webmaster.
If you already have your own website, our company can help maintain and market your site expertly. There are various factors involved in drawing visitors to your site and turning them into customers. No matter how attractive your site looks like, looks alone are not enough to generate sales. Rather than entrusting your website to inexperienced service providers who may not have a full range of webmaster skills, it’s extremely important that you enlist the help of proficient webmasters such as our company. We have been professional webmasters for 18 years now, which means that we have the necessary experience and a solid technical know-how to improve and promote your site in the best way possible.
However, if you don’t have a website yet, perhaps you’d like to know how a “webmaster” can assist you in your entry to the online world. And in case you’re wondering why you need a website, the subsequent article provides several excellent reasons to help you understand the importance of having a website for your business. In this article, we’ll discuss the major roles of a professional website webmaster.
In broad terms, a webmaster is a skilled person who helps develop, maintain and promote your website. Let’s take a further look into “the roles of a webmaster”.

Webmasters arrange for the purchase of a website’s domain name. It’s also their responsibility to choose a server, which refers to a special computer where the entire information of a site is stored. They seek to provide clients with the safest and most secure server. They also create emergency back up procedures so the site can continue to run properly even if there’s a sudden server problem. Webmasters have to keep contact with the main servers to ensure that these are always running.

A significant portion of a professional webmaster’s time is dedicated to maintaining the site. This involves updating content, making sure that the website’s code is compatible with various browsers, fixing broken links and images, adding page animations, new pictures, fresh content, new events and event registration, and product updates among others. If the site owner desires to make changes to the website, webmasters immediately work to implement those required changes. Our company will help manage everything related to your website.

This is a vital role of any webmaster. To keep the website running seamlessly, webmasters will constantly test your site for functionality, ease of use and load time. They ensure that content on the site is easily understandable for the target audience. If there are any complaints from users, they assess the situation and perform corresponding solutions.

Basically, a major part of a webmaster’s time is spent in programming and project development. This involves various tasks such as the following: coding the site; adding new content and features; enhancing navigation through tweaking Javascript, CSS and HTML; creating animation, video, sound, logos and and artwork; installing Java, Javascript coding and Flash; installing Perl scripts; and backing up the site. They also provide security against hackers and spammers. Our company has highly qualified programmers who can efficiently perform all of these things for your website.

One of the most important roles of a professional website webmaster is driving traffic to a website and making sure that it ranks highly in search engines. They will find the right resources to promote your business effectively. They optimize various elements of the site so it will climb higher in the search engine rankings. Programming functions are crucial to the effective performance of webmasters. They have to set up trackers within the HTML code of a website. Trackers are responsible for indicating which pages on the site get viewed the most and where the site visitors come from when they visit your website. This valuable information helps webmasters in prioritizing external links and ad space. They will inform you which webpages perform the best in terms of SEO. Furthermore, they keep track of the number of visits to your site and the percentage of visits that generates sales. Our company is comprised of seasoned webmasters who have years of experience in the field. We can efficiently deliver SEO services to make sure your business reaches a wider audience on the Internet. By hiring our services, you can ultimately save time and money in the long run.

Webmasters can also be specialists in web design. They can design an appealing visual appearance for your website that suits your potential customers. They focus on building a website that is not just visually attractive but also fully functional. As designers, webmasters have a high level of creative and project oversight responsibility for the web development process. Upon completion of site creation, webmasters continue to maintain and develop the site and provide project management services during the entire process. Compared with pure web designers who solely focus on the beauty of a website, webmasters are much more competent since they actually see the site from a technical, aesthetic, functional, security, and most importantly, sales viewpoint.

On the whole, professional website webmasters provide a wide range of website services on a personal and long-term basis. If you need additional sites for expansion, webmasters can assist you throughout the process so your transition into a bigger business with multiple sites becomes easy and convenient. They will familiarize themselves with your website and products or services so they can create pages that flow smoothly. The above-mentioned services can be very costly when sought out individually. However, if you hire the right webmaster, all of the required skills and experience are rolled into one, hence saving you enormous time, cost and effort. If you have a budget for getting your business on the Internet, then you should definitely seek the services of qualified webmasters.

Our unique approach to marketing online was joined with our love for fishing. In an effort to find the most up to date, most futuristic cutting edge marketing platform that plays well with social media, we have formulated the perfect receipe for promoting your fishing charter business. 

About Author: 
Capt. Rex Witkamp

Capt. Rex is an avid offshore fisherman who owns 3rd Alarm Fishing in the AWESOME Florida Keys. Capt is self taught in web design since 1993.
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